We are one of the biggest professional software and information service markets in China.

Founded by Chinese government(our shareholders are Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Beijing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, Government of Haidian District and Zhongguancun) , we relies on strong government background and a large team of experts to provide software and information exchange services, technology and financing services, intellectual property services, etc

At present, we are planning to expand our business abroad to help foreign software companies develop business in China.

Founded in 2011, after several years of development, currently we have more than 3,000 members in China. In 2014, its turnover of various types of software via our online platform reaches RMB 1.113 billion, it helps 102 software companies obtain equity financing and the total of which is accumulated to RMB 1.21 billion. At the same time, our established bidding trading center provides 114 accesses for the important information projects raised by the government and society and the amount of the related transaction is RMB 580 million. In the international arena, with the rapid expansion, we have established the business ties with our fellows in USA and Germany.


National Copyright Protection Demonstration Unit

2013 Special Contribution Award for Software Transaction Services

National Technology Transfer Demonstration Agency

International Trade
Service Packages
Location Services Assist you finding the well-equipped office or private residence in China
Technology Transfer Services Latest China IT industry information includes: product and industry trends, important company and innovative project recommendation, etc
Agent services for purchase and sales including looking for partners, matchmaking /
Products and technology training for customers /
Third-party trading platform, payment guarantee, foreign exchange settlement, customs clearance services / /
Support your innovation and technology projects in China with our resources / / /
Investment & Financing and
M & A Services
You receive comprehensive financing information on China
Market assessment and consulting services related to financing /
A range of financial solutions through loan guarantee, equity and debt financing, etc / /
One-stop service of cross-border M&A including due diligence, operational planning, technology evaluation, negotiation, risk alert, legal advice and follow-up management / / /
Hardware and Software Outsourcing Services Basic information of Chinese hardware and software outsourcing company and R & D institutions
Demand investigation and submitting outsourcing solutions /
Sort out 2-3 candidate companies and arrange meetings /
Consulting services for supply chain integration and management / /
Vendor management, production process supervision and product acceptance services / / /
Intellectual Property Services Intellectual property advisory services including patent application, evaluation, software registration etc /
Legal advisory services for intellectual property protection / /
Business Marketing Services Advertisement on our website and new media platform
Advertisement on our periodic magazine on a month basis /
Opportunities to participate in exhibition, seminars and our marketing activities /
One-stop services for bidding Chinese government and state-owned enterprises procurement and related projects / /
Exclusive promotional seminar for your project and company / /
Opportunities to meet with the Chinese senior government officials and corporate senior managers,we help you to organize public relations in China / / /
Business Visit Services We arrange your business trip to China, responsible for catering, accommodation, office, translation and in-city transportation etc
Precious opportunity to participate in Industry Insight Tour across China / / /



International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) Microsoft Corporation Neusoft Group Ltd. Kingsoft Co., Ltd. Peking University Founder Group Co., Ltd.
Kingdee International Software Group Co., Ltd. Beijing Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd. Taiji Computer Co., Ltd. Petro - Cyberworks Information Technology Co., Ltd. Digital China Holdings Ltd.
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